Video For Practicing Eye Contact – FOUR Difficulty Levels

Video For Practicing Eye Contact - FOUR Difficulty Levels

“It’s Hard Work Just Surviving Every Day,” He Said

What is the old adage? Nothing good in life is easy. Sure that is true isn’t it?

Confidence is Key in Self Promotion For Women

The one overall common theme I have found among women business owners is that most of them have a really hard time marketing and promoting their businesses. Nor do they know how to self-promote.

Tips on How to Improve Self Esteem

Have you noticed all of the ways of improving your self esteem? It seems there are many different ways you can use in order to improve self esteem and who wouldn’t want to improve it?

This Is Your Brain Without Hugs

In other articles, we’ve looked at the devastating effects of childhood emotional abuse on the adult survivor’s self-esteem. The design of the human brain explains how and why we respond to trauma the way we do; a look at certain key parts of our brains will help us understand the effects of childhood emotional abuse on our long-term emotional well being.

Self Improvement Solutions – 5 Ways to Unlock Your Social Potential

If you are reading this article there is a high probability that you aren’t a people person; you aren’t someone who will walk into a room of complete strangers and make friends, you are the type that will just stand around until someone you know comes around. You can however change this, you can become a people person, you can become someone who is naturally friendly and has so much charisma that you will be able to earn trust and support of the people around you.

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How to Build Confidence in 7 Days

You were not born with self-confidence; self-confidence is developed throughout life through experiences. When you challenge your skills and are open to learn what you do not know, you will overcome perceived obstacles and build confidence.

Self Love Resides Beyond Ego

Who really LOVES him/herself? Is it possible, with ALL the self-help books available and talk show discussions that we are missing an important key that would FREE us to fully appreciate our individuality?

How Fear Makes Us Do What We Do

Until puberty, children don’t have the chemicals in their brains required to see the “big picture” and make rational decisions. So when a child suffers emotional abuse, he or she does not have the capacity to make sense of it. The trauma triggers the thalamus to make a decision to keep the child from being hurt again. A decision made by the thalamus is not based on the whole picture of the traumatic event, but on the adrenaline of the event and the relationship of that event to previous traumatic events stored in the brain. Once a child is traumatized, he or she will be more vulnerable to perceiving future events as trauma. From this point on, every experience, both conscious and subconscious, will be interpreted by the thalamus as it goes into the brain.

I Am Enough

How often have you wished you were like someone else or could do what they are doing? More often, we only see the outward appearance of someone who seems to have it all together. Sometimes we forget that just being who we are is more than enough.

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Emotional Abuse – Always Taking the Blame Leads to Low Self-Esteem

Many clients who come to therapy suffering from feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem are, in the eyes of others, highly successful and competent in every domain. This is because low self-esteem is rarely about what people can or can’t do in practical situations… but really about feeling inferior in a relational way.

The Most Powerful Self Esteem Activities Utilize Binaural Beats MP3

Most suggestions for improving self esteem require resetting your attitude and trying to focus on positive thoughts and events. The problem with these types of self esteem activities is that they have to be done in the conscious state of mind and this isn’t always easy to do. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to turn our minds off from the chaos of daily worries and negative thoughts

Woman, You Are Special

Woman, you are special, you are unique and you need to be treated as such. Many teenage girls come under pressure from boys who tell them, “If you really loved me you would.” What they girl should reply is, “If you really loved ME, you wouldn’t ask.” It is time for women to start thinking about themselves and what is best for them. Too often they sacrifice their own wants and needs for their partners.

Body Image and the Media

Everywhere we turn we are encountered with some form of media, from billboard advertisements, to television commercials. Lately many have begun to connect the images that are portrayed by the media with the poor body image that many teen girls are faced with. Body image has become a serious problem, causing girls even in elementary school to worry about their looks. Images of the “perfect body” are everywhere, making it nearly impossible to avoid the medias negative influence.

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Dress For Self

Do you believe in improving your self image with style? Feel Better about your self image by changing your wardrobe by adding hats to your wardrobe. Men, women and teens can have a positive attitude by wearing hats with their clothing or outfit.

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