Walking Breathing Exercise: Panic, Anxiety, Stress, Depression

Walking Breathing Exercise: Panic, Anxiety, Stress, Depression

Don’t Let Low Self-Esteem Run Your Life: Choose To Love Yourself Today

You are worth the fight! What fight? Discover the secrets to transforming the direction of your life today.

Improving Self-esteem

Learn how to improve your self-esteem. Master your inner voice and other ways to improve your self-esteem.

Self-Esteem – 5 Recovery Tips That Can Change Your Life

What is self esteem and how does it effect our lives? If you suffer from negative self-talk, or feel like low self esteem is preventing you from living in the fullness of life, read these 5 simple tips and retrain your thinking and behaviors.

Change Your Life By Being Uncomfortable

This is what separates those that truly desire change in their lives and the ones that just talk about wanting to change. It takes great will power and discipline to leave your comfort zone and it is a necessary step. It is a simple fact, in order to get things you never had you must do things you have never done.

Use Your Potential

Though we all have the same physical features, we are still individuals. As individuals we are unique in our thoughts, skills, cations and reactions. We each have potentials that need to be used.

5 Steps to Turn on Your Confidence

If you’ve ever admired the confidence others exude, here are 5 Steps to “Turn On” YOUR Confidence to develop strong relationships with others as well as with your self. I use the word ‘exude’ because that’s what takes place when someone is confident, they’re exuding, allowing their confidence to be expressed. It was in them all along, and it is within you as well.

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Are They Right: Am I As Stupid As They Think I Am?

Imagine you’re driving in your car and realize that the low fuel light starts blinking on your dashboard. Before you make it to the next gas station, you run out of gas and your car comes to a stop. So, you sit in your car and try calling different people to come help you, but no one answers. Then suddenly, you realize that there’s one person that will probably come and help you, but will want to point out and ask how could you have been so stupid to run out of gas. Grudgingly, you dial their number…

Letting Go of Your Ego

Our ego is the part of us that tries to protect us at all times. We use it to put up barriers or a facade on what we think and feel. When you let go of having to satisfy your ego’s needs, you will be your heart and be more in tune with other people and what’s happening around you.

Political Correctness Hurts Self-Esteem and Can Cause Depression

Does Political Correctness really cause depression? Well some psychologists believe so. You see the political correctness makes everyone equal in every way and takes the power away from the individual, as if some how they do not matter individually and that is the whole of society that is really important.

Building Self Esteem: An Art’s Great Benefit

If you have never accomplished anything in your life, chances are you have low self-esteem. You don’t know the challenge and you don’t know the great feeling you get from meeting the challenge. You’re not alone. Life doesn’t always afford everyone the opportunity to actually accomplish anything.

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Ten Steps to Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is like being rich – it is something we think everyone else is but us. Yet feeling insecure about ourselves is perhaps the most common problem we face.

Have a Fearless Spirit

Getting over fear in order to achieve your life’s purpose. Not allowing fear to cripple you and leave your potential unfulfilled. Acknowledging your fear and fighting through it will help you be successful.

Boost Your Confidence

Are you fairly confident in your own shoes? When do you feel your best? When do you feel the most insecure? Even the most confident individuals go through periods of self doubt. I am pretty secure in who I am and what I believe, but there are plenty of days where everything seems to go against me and the voice of fear pops up. As long as this feeling is far and few between, it doesn’t affect me all that much. Are there areas of your life where you are a bit insecure? It is very natural to feel confident in certain areas and lack the confidence in others.

Love Can Be a Table For One

It’s Valentines day again and here you are once again alone. Surprise Surprise – Are you gearing up for a great self hate fest? Well before you do, please stop and read this!

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