What Causes Depression and Why Do We Get Depressed?

What Causes Depression and Why Do We Get Depressed?

Dream Interpretation of Places in Your Sleep [Part 3]

Having those dreams again where you suddenly find yourself in the most unlikely places and weird locales? They say we are what we dream. And the venues of our dreams certainly say a lot about our hopes and fears in life. Read on to find out.

Five Tips To Overcoming A Low Self Esteem

Learn to love yourself. Change your attitude and your thinking. True happiness starts from within. Raising your self esteem invites success into your life.

Rate Me Please!

As soon as a new movie is released it’s submitted by people to websites where everyone can rate it and so informing the general public if the movie is worth watching. In the transition period between posting the movie and the first person rating it, the movie may be carrying the rating of zero or even no rate at all. As long as this happens only to movies then its acceptable, but what’s really sad is that lots of people get themselves involved in a similar rating process, only this time they’re the ones being…

Six Pillar Of Self Esteem – How Can Living Consciously Help My Self Esteem?

Living consciously is one of the six pillar of self esteem. Living consciously is having the ability to be aware of your surroundings and to react accordingly. Yet so many people sleepwalk through parts of their lives, barely aware of what’s happening, their self esteem on hold. Are you living as consciously as you can? Find out how to improve your self esteem…

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How to Borrow Self-Confidence

Often we will keep ourselves smaller than we need to be because we think we need to do it all on our own. Everyone who has ever accomplished admirable accomplishments has been helped by those that came before him or her.

Are Video Games Killing Your Self-esteem?

If it feels good or if it excites you than it must be good for you. Well that’s what the makers of video games would have you believe. But they are wrong, very very wrong.

Half Dead

We all know at least one person who is always “happy.” These are the people who make me wonder if they are truly “happy” or in “denial.”

Five Signs That Shows Lack Of Self Confidence

Do you lack self confidence? Are you already on your way to build it? Are you always self conscious because you are afraid the people will notice so?

Confidence & Self Esteem – 7 Simple Steps To Building Confidence For You And Your Child

Of all the commodities available to us as humans, confidence is the elusive treasure that we continue to seek. Many of us are able to tap into short term confidence by applying make-up or having ‘Dutch courage’ but what we really want is that deep rooted confidence, the kind that flows through our veins and that of our children. That is the golden treasure.

Begging for a Buck

Being worth more than a buck.

Self Esteem – How to Conquer Your Insecurities

One thing that I know is for sure, everyone has insecurities. Even the person that you think has it all together and is the most confident person you have ever met. So, since you and everyone else in this world have insecurities, there is only one difference between you and the confident people. They know how to conquer their insecurities.

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Six Pillar of Self Esteem – How You Can Take Action to Raise Your Self Esteem

Your self esteem is one of your core values and like all of your values, it is a source of motivation for your actions. However the actions that you take in response to your circumstances can have an impact on your self esteem. Consistently taking the right actions can help you to achieve higher self esteem.

Self Confidence – 3 Keys to Becoming a Person With Great Self Confidence

You have the ability to have great self confidence and do great things in your lifetime. Self confidence will help you succeed in so many areas in your life. As a matter of fact, your confidence will help you get to places that your talents alone couldn’t get you. Here are 3 keys to becoming a person with great self confidence.

Self Esteem – How to Stop Self Sabotaging Yourself

One thing that I have learned is that most of the self esteem problems that people face come from things that are self sabotaging. For instance, if you want to meet someone new you might start thing of all the things that could go wrong with meeting that person. Before you ever even walk up…

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