What I’m Doing With My Free Time During Quarantine

What I'm Doing With My Free Time During Quarantine

Are You Self Aware? How to Change Your Thoughts

So, you have identified a de-motivational thought. Now what do you do? You definitely need to congratulate yourself as this is a great accomplishment in self-awareness! Now, in order to change your thoughts you must…

7 Positive Steps For Building Your Self Esteem

For many, the past two years have been hard on staying positive in our lives, our jobs and our relationships. Take a little time and build yourself back to being positive and happy. Follow these 7 steps and your confidence is sure to come back.

How Accepting a Compliment Graciously Can Improve Your Confidence

Being able to give and accept compliments is a key part of building your confidence. So really think about it again, think about a time when somebody complimented you, whether it be on your appearance or style (your hair looks great, I love the colour of your shirt), something you have done well (that report was great, well done, you played a mean game of tennis there!) or just simply on you (you are so kind, thanks for helping me out).

Gain Self-Confidence Fast, Naturally and Enjoy Life!

Some people are naturally self-confident. It seems as though no matter where they go, what they are doing or who is around them that they are naturally comfortable in their own skin and in their surroundings. Do you fit into this stereotype as an individual or are you the exact opposite?

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Finding My Self-Worth

Sometimes it is difficult to feel like you are valuable. Sometimes things just wear you down. But self-worth is critical to every other important aspect of your life. How do you find it, and increase it?

Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, But Words Can Just About Cripple You

Most people don’t think of words as weapons, but they can be every bit as harmful and the damage longer-lasting as that inflicted by blunt objects. Careful what you say and think–your brain is listening!

How to Use Brainwave Entrainment With Meditation to Increase Your Confidence

If you’re having difficulty maintaining your self-confidence during these tough times, there is a way to use meditation to rebuild your subconscious mind and instill positive thoughts and beliefs. Technology has provided a process known as brainwave entrainment that is used with binaural beats downloads that makes the meditation techniques easier and quicker to get results.

How Increasing Your Self-Esteem Increases Your Bottom Line

We hear from everywhere that if we just learn that one right strategy, create the perfect look for our business or take one more class that our business will grow, we’ll get rich and all will be well. Now, I’m not saying these aren’t important. You do need to think about your brand image, hone your skills and have a great plan. However, in order for any of that to work for you, you first need to feel great about being you.

Improve Your Confidence and Self Esteem

What we want to do is help you raise your confidence and self-esteem to levels that will enhance your life and the way you view life. Improving your self confidence can make a tremendous difference in your quality of life.

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How to Be Confident Instead of Shy and Insecure

As a matter of fact, you are shy and insecure exactly because you are too afraid of other people’s criticism, which means that you want to be considered always perfect. You have to simply abandon your pride and say to yourself that you have the right to make mistakes and learn; you don’t need to be perfect. Accept saying to yourself: “So, what?” Accept making mistakes, and accept being despised by other people without feeling sad about that, but think that they were not able to recognize who you are and admire you, because they are silly.

Gain Self-Esteem With One Easy Trick

Learn the key ingredient of raising your self esteem. Follow this trick, and you’ll be getting compliments left and right!

Getting the Most From the Process of Reinvention

Sometimes when you feel really good about yourself, you easily get lost in the sea of compliments taking you off track on your journey. There are also times when some people get easily overwhelmed with all the changes that are happening, so it is best to celebrate these personal achievements while keeping track of your goals. The following strategies will keep you on the right track.

Self Esteem

Part of self-confidence is a general trust in oneself and a genuine liking of oneself. Self-confidence is also synonymous with self-esteem and self-worth.

How to Find Self-Confidence & Overcome Shyness Online

Looking to achieve goals or make changes but unsure if you have the confidence to see it through? Online counselling might help you find the self-confidence you are looking for.

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