What Is Meditation – Why There’s So Many Benefits

What Is Meditation - Why There's So Many Benefits

Self-Esteem and Confidence – Reinventing Yourself Through Inner Strength

We have all felt those moments when we doubt ourselves, usually when someone has made a judgement about what we have done or said. We have all felt rejection. We have all been made fun of – the focus of some ridiculous comment, joke or situation. When that happens, what goes through your mind?

Increased Confidence Benefits All Business Women

At one time or another, many successful women business owners worked for someone else. Often, they spent a good deal of time learning the ropes in the corporate world. Time after time, one important lesson was learned: developing the tools to influence others would be immeasurably important to their success.

Problem-Solving Helps Business Women Build Confidence and Find Joy

Anne Marie had wanted to run her own business since she was a little girl. She worked for years and saved the money to make her dream a reality. While she anticipated many of the problems she would likely encounter like working long hours, cash flow, lost shipments, etc. she underestimated what was to be her biggest challenge.

Three AM Confessions

I beat myself up black and blue with mean unloving thoughts of inadequacy, judgment and blame. I feared that I would get beaten by the fat stick, my clothes would never fit and that I was always going to hate my body. This middle of the night punishment went on for years! No wonder I continued to hold on to weight, food cravings, binges and obsessions.

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4 Powerful Ways to Regain Self-Confidence Despite Challenges

Self-confidence can often be at a low-low place when we are in the midst of making important changes. The question becomes how you learn to trust yourself to continue moving forward even when things aren’t going as effortlessly as anticipated? Below are four powerful ways to regain confidence when it looks like you’ve almost lost it altogether.

Sexy Mom – Oxymoron Or Redundant Statement?

Change is inevitable with the arrival of a woman’s first child. Gone are the days of three-hour primping sessions.

What is Self-Respect and How Does it Relate to Self-Esteem?

There is a significant difference between self-esteem and self-respect. Self-respect is extremely important and is the result of a mindset that is grateful and humble and is focused on the interest and caring of others. Self-esteem, where there has been much praise and thinking highly of one’s self, can prove to be disastrous to oneself and to others.

How Will You Begin the New Year?

In 2009, join me in spending less time looking for what’s wrong in your life and more time focused on approving of yourself as you are today. Imagine waking up on the first day of 2009 and instead of criticizing yourself for eating too much, gaining a few pounds or not accomplishing everything on your list for the year, you began the new year, approving of yourself.

Becoming and Attracting “The One” by Creating Your Ideal Mate List

If relationships act like mirrors, we can only attract that perfect mate, by becoming that perfect mate. This book will unlock secrets to teach you how to do just that.

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How to Stop Blushing – Some Simple Tips to Help Reduce Your Blushing

It may sound obvious but people who are usually self-conscious and frequently anxious tend to blush a lot. Blushing occurs when the blood vessels in your face widen or enlarge to an extent that the color red floods all over.

Are You Building Self Confidence Or Arrogance?

Self Confidence vs arrogance is a debatable issue because they can be mistaken for one another. Are you building self confidence? Do people see it as confidence or arrogance?

Self Esteem + Self Confidence + Self Respect = Self Worth! Self = Net Worth – What Are You Worth?

Self esteem is an internal sense of worth. Self esteem reflects an inner confidence and self-respect and self esteem shines outwardly by the actions one takes. Find out how much is your self worth to determine your net worth!

The Mojo

It is one of my all time favorite words, the Mojo. The Mojo is what I call life force or energy. I am sure you can remember a time when you were newly in love, or just super happy, and you walked down the street, and people couldn’t stop staring at you, or complimenting you. It is because you had the mojo…

Sometimes You Have to Eat the Rat

Sometimes doing something difficult can be the best thing. Everybody goes through difficult times. Many times we do not have a choice.

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