What To Do On A Date

What To Do On A Date

Truth Or Cellulite?

How the ego lies to itself, creating misery. And how facing the truth allows us to move more deeply into self-love and inner peace.

Self Esteem is a Function of Happiness and Learning to Act on What You Already Know

We all know what works and it get more and more difficult when we don’t act according to what we know works. In fact, it’s the final step most everyone needs to enact to realize their desires. It goes to one’s basic knowledge.

Cure Shyness and Enjoy Yourself With Others

Isn’t it devastating to sometimes see other people laughing and having a really good time, while you feel terrified, scared and inadequate? You know you shouldn’t feel that way, you should be happy for them, but instead all you can think about is that you wish that you could have some fun too.

The Importance of Self-Acceptance For a Cross Dresser

Every cross dresser has their own cross dressing story to tell, but it’s surprising how many people face the same challenges. One of the main issues that all cross dressers have to address at some point in their lives is the matter of ‘self-acceptance’. We look at the importance of self-acceptance and how failing to address it can have a huge impact on the rest of your life.

Building Self Esteem – A Few Tips

If you come from a position of low self-esteem the idea of building your self-esteem may seem like quite a challenge. But with a bit of know-how building your self-esteem to great levels is entirely possible. Self-esteem problems can arise from many life experiences including bullying, an unhappy childhood, fear of rejection and also how you view yourself.

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How to Achieve Self Development and High Self Esteem

In order to succeed positive attitude is of essence. What is attitude? Attitude is part of your personality. It is the first thing that people notice about you when they first meet you. Do you have a great attitude or is it foul. A great attitude is part of being self motivated. Believe me, with a negative attitude you are headed straight to failure.

Solving the Great Identity Riddle That’s Holding You Back

WE’RE all just trying to find our place in the world. And this “place” must also fit in with our perceptions of ourselves. One reinforces the other–us and our place–or it tears the other apart. This is our most important life task. We cannot exist happily without accomplishing it.

Are You a Crud Magnet?

Do you attract crud into your life? Maybe you do…and don’t know you’re doing it. Maybe you have crud in your life but think it’s due to bad luck, mistakes (yours or someone else’s), or the world being out to get you! The Law of Attraction teaches us that what we think about is what we get. If we think about things, people, and situations we don’t like, we get more things, people, and situations we don’t like. By the same token, if we think about things, people, and situations we do like, that’s what we get.

Steps to Overcoming Shyness

Overcoming shyness is a tough job if you stick to just your conscious will and determination. Hypnosis provides an easy way to dissolve the resistance to change and thus allowing you to change this pattern no matter how old it is.

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Fast and Easy Confidence Booster

Believe it or not, even if you consider yourself to be a person with low self-confidence, there are moments in your life when you act as if self-confidence was your second nature. What are those situations? Only you know and here is the way to find out. Observe your behavior and feelings with regard to your self-confidence. What are the situations when you feel on top of the world?

‘Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy – Are You Hearing What You Think You’re Hearing?

Misheard song lyrics are funny. But mishearing the people in your life by trying to listen “between the lines” can cause serious damage. Are you hearing what people are really saying? Read on to find out.

How to Be a More Confident You

Life can be pretty scary as a child and for some people – even as adults they struggle to grow out of it. So how do we build our confidence? Becoming a mum and having time out from the work place can really dent your self esteem and your confidence. Following the birth of a baby, women often feel less than confident about their bodies/looks and even what their brains are capable of after ‘baby brain.’ Men go through similar things and they don’t even go through child birth!

7 Ways For Women to Improve Confidence

It seems almost everyone would like to improve their self confidence. Women have so much to juggle it is all too easy to see why self esteem and self confidence can plummet – it is just not possible to do everything. Here are 7 small things that every woman can do regularly to improve confidence and get more out of life.

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Be a Good Creator and Co-Creator of Your Own Life!

Often heard of someone complaining that they should not be in the state that they are supposed to be? Giving all sorts of fantastic reasons that they should be someone better or living a better life? How can anyone improve themselves daily and have a better mindset in life? Try to approach all your problems and decision making in a different way. This approach will definitely will help you better in life.

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