Why I Don’t Have A “Face Reveal”

Why I Don't Have A "Face Reveal"

Muppet Love

I mean Miss Piggy was like today’s new age hot tie. You know cute in the face but not at the waist. I mean she was no Tyra banks but she had this thing about her. You could say she was a diva.

Seven Ways on How to Be Confident

We must ever felt unconfident. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to revive the confidence when we need it. Actually, there are simple exercises that can be practiced to get your confidence back on track as soon as possible when needed. Here are seven ways on how to be confident:

Assertiveness – The Number One Secret of Getting What You Want

How to assert your rights without being too aggressive, commanding respect and getting what you want. Being assertive is the opposite of allowing other people’s needs, rights or opinions to override your own. What your rights are.

Do You Care Too Much About What Other People Think?

Have you heard the saying, “It’s more important to care about how you feel than to care about what other people think?” Think about that for a minute – caring about your own feelings – more than what other people think about you or what you are doing. Wow. What a notion!

The Art of Being Yourself – The Power of You

Many people go through life afraid to be themselves. The tragedy of this reality is that many people walk around powerless because your greatest power lies in being yourself. You must learn to embrace yourself and celebrate who you are. Realize that you have the power to live your dreams if you only be yourself.

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What is Self-Confidence?

So what then is self-confidence? How can we acquire it if we need bottomless supply? This article provides the answer.

An Instant Self-Confidence Booster

There are many ways to increase your Self-Confidence but most of them take some time and some practice. However, a few ways exist to increase your self-confidence instantly and this method is one of them. The advice is very simple. Stop playing the comparison game.

Cross Dressing Guide to Handling a Read

Cross dressers spend hours perfecting their feminine appearance in order to pass as a genetic woman. However, knowing how to handle a read is important. It does happen, and it’s important that the situation is tackled appropriately.

Seven Steps to Changing Your Life Into Joy!

You Have The Courage to Change your Life! If you see that some things or all things don’t work for you anymore, there are certain steps to take. And you can do it!

Identity is More About Who You Are – Not What You Do

In today’s tough economy, many people are facing job loss and therefore, questioning their self-worth. This article will help you learn to define yourself by who you are and not what you do. It will enable you to value your unique personal traits and hang on to your self-esteem even if you are newly unemployed.

How to Create a Healthy Body Image

Body image is something that Western society is obsessed with. The unrealistic images that are presented to us in the media, show men as tall, muscular, god like figures and women as petite, slim and beautiful.

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The Psychology of Showy People

Most of us don’t like showy people because we assume that they are arrogant and because they sometimes remind us of our low achievements. From the outside showy people appear to be happy, possessing many things that others really want and sometimes superior, But what most people don’t know is that the inside is very much different. In this article I will take you inside the mind of the showy person, let you understand how he thinks and show you the truth behind showing off.

How to Overcome Self Consciousness

One of the problems when you are worried about what people think of you is self consciousness. You feel as though your every move is being evaluated. This comes from focusing your attention inwards and becoming painfully aware of what is happening to you.

How Love Can Boost Self-Confidence – Expanding a Network of Love

At times, I ask people if they are in an important relationship. “Are you in love? Do you have lots of good friends?

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