Why Smart People Make Stupid Decisions (And How to Avoid This)

Why Smart People Make Stupid Decisions (And How to Avoid This)

From Pain (Suicidal) To Self Love

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and problems and difficulties in life are what help us to grow and become stronger people. There is absolutely nothing worth taking a life over, especially another man or women.

The Perfection of Being Imperfect: Five Ways That Just Being You Will Bring True Happiness

Perfectionism is not perfect and it’s time to realize that. What is perfect is being your true self. It’s perfect for you. Learn to embrace your imperfections as perfect.

Confidence Formula – Are You Sure of Yourself?

You are self-assured when you have total confidence in yourself, your abilities and your judgments. Does this definition sound like your character attributes? If you need a little more backbone to fully comply with this definition, use this confidence formula to assist you in building a healthy level of self-confidence in your life.

Is Fear Real? – Building Confidence in Yourself

Fear is real. Yes, fear does exist. Before we can take the necessary actions to defeat fear, we must wholly recognize its existence. Fear is a mental disease that causes a lot of people to stumble and fall short in accomplishing their goals and dreams. We only get one chance to fulfill our innermost desires in this life, so we must learn to master the fear of progression. Fear of progression will keep you in a state of procrastination and keep you mentally bound with excuses as to why you can not move on to achieve great things in your life.

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The True Value of Confidence

This is my question to my Self: “Is who I am presently being, worthy of me because it is an expression of the True Value of my Confidence in my Soul”? The only confidence that I have in someone else’s authority is the knowing that it is their authority and not mine.

3 Common Myth About Self-Esteem

If you want to overcome low self-esteem or just raise your current level of self-esteem, you will encounter false assumptions along your way. Three myths about self-esteem that can inhibit any successful progress are unveiled in this article.

Everyone Who Has Ever Lived Face Challenges, Discover How To Embrace Them and Flourish

The more renowned you become, the more challenges you will face in your life. Just because one becomes successful does not, shield them from life challenges. Discover how to position yourself to overcome obstacles in life and achieve success.

Stop Wasting the Best Years of Your Life

So, you’re not feeling that great about yourself and you want to know how to gain self-esteem. Sometimes it is really hard to know where to start, but there are many resources on this site that can show you how to gain self-esteem and improve your overall feeling towards yourself, life and others. If you really think about it, you’re taking a major step forward.

Build Your Self-Confidence – How To Develop Self-Confidence To Get What You Want

One of the main things about not having the self-confidence to achieving what you want – whether to attract the type of job you want or the relationship you desire – has to do with how you are processing your life situation – your perspective on yourself, your ability, and what’s possible for you. Many times we make these mental decisions based on past track record – past experiences. But your yesterday does not have to determine your tomorrow.

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Build Self-Confidence Using This Practical Example – Even a Baby Can Do It

Most of us lack self-confidence because we’re afraid. We don’t think that we could do whatever it is we’d like to do. And this basically comes from our fear of failing or fear of what others think of us or we don’t believe in ourselves because we lack the resources to do what we want to do – whether it’s education, skill etc.

Start Feeling Better About Yourself

Change your life and your ways and you can feel better about your life. If you do a few subtle changes in your life, your life will change for the better.

Self-Esteem – Everything Has A Purpose, Including You

Everything has a purpose – a place in the grand design of life. You are here in this human form in this era of the earth because of the Universal Desire. Your talents and personality are yours to carry out your mission and your purpose here on planet earth.

Self Confidence Building

Self Confidence Building is quite simply the ongoing process of bolstering your self esteem and self concept. You see, the degree of self confidence you possess at this very moment in time is the culmination of A)how you currently perceive yourself, B) how other (influential) people perceive you, and C) how you respond to both yours and other’s perceptions. Ultimately, all three of these items are within your control; however, there are natural and logical limitations on your level of control at any given time.

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The Importance of Building Self Esteem for Children

Little do people know about how parents have an effect on their kids, but studies have revealed that there is a strong correlation on self -esteem among adults and children. An adult’s outlook often has similar characteristics as it has with their children, especially on how they value their self worth, since parents with low esteem are more likely to encourage their children to give importance or value themselves highly as well. Such problems could be devastating to children since they could grow up to be timid or shy, reclusive or less sociable.

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