Why You Keep Failing

Why You Keep Failing

Confidence Momentum

How confidence affects you and people around you. Help boost that confidence level.

Qualities of a Confident Person

We all can be confident in ourselves, it’s whether or not others feel the same way about us that makes the extra difference in how we’re portrayed. It’s not easy being confident and being looked up to at the same time. Sometimes, rather than being confident, we’re showing ourselves as a ‘stuck-up’ person. So, what do people really want to see out off a ‘confident’ person?

Your Right to Feel More Confident

Why do we treat ourselves the way we do? We often treat others much better than ourselves. We deserve a little pampering sometimes, but why don’t we do it more often. Buy yourself some fresh cut flowers, unless someone gets them for you on a regular basis. Take yourself to the hairdressers and make yourself look a million dollars.

The Link Between Self-Esteem and Learning

The human individual is born to learn. From the moment an infant begins to perceive his or her outer surroundings (and even before) she is experiencing stimuli, applying cognitive processes, and forming perceptions about her world. Humans have an intrinsic motivation to learn, grow, and evolve.

Becoming an Alpha Male

There are literally hundreds of books on leadership and becoming an alpha male on the market, a lot of these books however miss many important points. Most of these books give you tips like having a firm handshake, straight body language, smiling, keeping eye contact etc. Even though most of these things are really good things to communicate to the world, they will make you seem like a tool if you are doing them just to seem like a leader.

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Is Your Lack of Self Love Affecting Your Children?

If you know in the back of your mind that you lack self-love, should you be concerned about how it is affecting your children? Absolutely. Children pick up and internalize everything in their environment. No worries! Learn 2 techniques to create self love in yourself and help develop self-love in your children as well.

Obstacles in Overcoming Low Self Esteem

An area of insecurity that is common and relevant in overcoming low self esteem is when someone becomes defensive when another is finding fault with them. Instead of getting upset, why not show your maturity and if what they are saying is a known truth to you, then take their advice and show your gratitude in the fact that they have noticed any of your shortcomings. Then make a positive and mature stance to rectify what is holding you back.

Do You Love Yourself? 3 Signs That Show You Your Lack of Self Love

It may at first seem like a silly question, “Do you love yourself?”, but it is a very important question that deserves a truthful answer. Below find out about the 3 signs that will show you whether or not you lack self love.

11 Activities For Building Confidence to Grow Your Business

Most people fail because they give up too soon. Don’t get discouraged if you know in your heart that you are on the right path but frustrated that you aren’t moving as fast as you’d like.

Is Your Appearance Affecting Your Self Esteem?
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If you think that you are also a victim of low self esteem and fail to meet the challenges of life just because of your personal appearance, then do not despair as you are not the only one living with this feeling. There are many people, who lack confidence just because they think they are overweight. The main problem is not that these people are overweight but the main issue revolves around that they don’t do anything about being overweight.

The Tell Tale Signs of a Poor Self Image

I am sure you have attended an event or function where you have been introduced to people who offer a handshake. Have you noticed how a confident persons handshake is a firm, vice-like grip with a definite warmth in its execution?

Do You Know How to Tell the Truth? 2 Simple Steps to Find Your Truth and Resolve Inner Conflict

If you are often faced with inner conflict or an inability to set and enforce your boundaries, it is a result of not recognizing your truth and acting in accordance with it. 2 simple steps and less than five minutes will get you on your way to resolving inner conflict and making choices that feel good.

Finding Your Mojo Part 1

Zig Ziglar, the motivational writer said, “The hardest thing to open is a closed mind”. When an individual has endured relentless assaults upon their confidence, their ability to create and provide for themselves wanes. They become independent or detached in their thinking, yet dependent on their daily provision and direction for life. They have lost their own Mojo and have become dependent on someone else’s.

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Hints and Tips For Self-Confidence

Are you a confident person? the answer depends on a number of things including the situation we are in. Just about all of us feel occasions when we come to feel much less positive.

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