Why You Really Should Say “No” More Often

Why You Really Should Say "No" More Often

Use These High Self Esteem Tips to Live a Richer Life

Are you worried that you may fail in building up your self esteem? If so, use these high self esteem tips, to your advantage.

Emotional Vulnerability Is Not Life-Threatening

How do we NOT fear exposing ourselves? Our insecurities, our shortcomings, our skeletons in the closet and those dirty little secrets. All those things make us uncomfortable talking about the way we truly feel. All of these things are connected to an emotion. Emotions are not life threatening. The truth is that we are fearful of our own emotions. Our desire to feel positive emotions manipulates our actions.

Improve Your Self Esteem And Feel Confident

Every confident person has a clear and concise image of themselves as a confident, high achieving individual who realises their potential. Take a few minutes every night, when you’re relaxed, to imagine yourself clearly as someone strong, confident, successful and charismatic.

How to Expand Your Self-Confidence

What is your life worth to you? You are the only person that can determine what your life is worth? If you want something to change in your life, you need to be clear about what it is you want to achieve in your life.

Overcoming Shyness – Speak to the Crowd With Utmost Courage

Confidence is something that every person must have, especially when speaking to the public.  If one is able to speak confidently to a crowd, he will become the source of admiration.

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Do Hypnosis Downloads Work?

What is a hypnosis download? These are recordings that have been made by hypnotists or therapists that have usually been stored in MP3 format and can be downloaded from their website ready to be played on pocket mp3 players or iPods, etc.

You Are Not Alone

Feeling lonely? Alone is a choice; learn how to choose otherwise.

3 Phases for Getting Your Confidence Back

If you are like many other people and suffer from a lack of self-confidence, you will probably relate to the words below. Read carefully, as you might also discover how to quickly claim your confidence back! You may not realize it but sometimes by you taking zero action due to a lack of self-confidence, you are creating space for others, maybe less smart or knowledgeable but more confident! If you want to stop doing that, read on – this might be just the right stuff for you.

Seven Human Power

Seven human power Everyone has different dreams and goals. To achieve the goal and dream is not easy. It takes hard work and strong will. Actually, a lot of power that exist within us that can make us successful. But unfortunately we never use that power. Conscious or not, humans possess enormous power. power that is within every human being and of course we also have them. Seven of this strength is a blessing as capital success for all mankind. and seven strengths are: 1. Power of dreams (the power of dreams) We must have the power of dreams and goals clear. dare to dream of beautiful things and we want the best for our lives and those we love.

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Women’s Self Esteem and The Media’s Influence

People know that the media has a large impact on our body image. How can you avoid women’s self esteem issues with these detrimental influences?

Becoming A Positive Mirror

I just received a thank you note from a friend. She got the job she applied for, and she was thanking me for the great recommendation I gave her. Normally I wouldn’t write about something that some people might view as a commonplace event. However, Mary has been a stay-at-home mom and the last of her kids just left home.

Do Strangers Smile or Laugh at Unattractive People? The Answer May Surprise You

Why did that random stranger smile at you? Do they think you’re ugly?

Self-Confidence and Feeling Good

Self-confidence will magically open doors for you in life. People will be attracted to you and want to be around you because of your positive energy. They will want to learn from you, date you, be close to you, enjoy your company and experience life with you. The single most important emotion that separates people who are successful from those who are not is self-confidence.

Feel Good Today, Feel Good Everyday!

The state of your mental health will determine whether or not you will become successful, as your thoughts determine your actions, which determine your future. Sure we suffer a few dark days caused by depression and sometimes loneliness but thank God that He has promised good plans for those who seek Him. He has also given us the ability to make ourselves feel good.

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