Why You’re Not Successful

Why You’re Not Successful

How to Have Bullet-Proof Confidence

Imagine how amazing you would feel if you had bullet-proof confidence every day of your life? You can with my 3 step plan! You need to accept compliments at face value, do what you love, and be grateful for your body.

How to Stop Blocking Yourself From Getting Paid What You’re Worth

Are you blocking yourself from getting paid well for what you offer your clients? Do you readily attract clients who are willing and appreciative to pay you your fees? Perhaps you hesitate raising your fees for fear that you will push clients away.

Be a Quitter! Eliminate Negative Self Talk Now!

No longer are these four letters taboo in the realm of success, particularly when it comes to building your platform as an expert, host, speaker, teacher or coach… now, quitting is absolutely necessary. All of us, in one way or another talk to ourselves; our inner voice speaks in the background of every situation and conversation. Our inner voice can be very fond of critiquing, sometimes harshly, each of our decisions.

I Forgive Me – My First Sexual Encounter

Many of us can remember our first sexual encounter (OK, maybe not all of us.) An individual such as myself, can recall the one night stands, the booty calls and the so-called relationships that were pretty much about sex as well. So I really didn’t have a relationship that was of any substance and associated love with sex. (Typical guy huh?)

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The Road to Authentic Self-Esteem

Depression, anxiety and self doubt are all painful emotions most people feel on a daily basis. We are plagued by insecurities about everything.

Boost Your Confidence by Looking Fabulous

More often than not, our self confidence drives our way on where we want to go. If our confidence is low, we are more likely to gain the undesirable things in life. Low self confidence pulls us down from achieving the attractive vision we carved within our dreams.

Improve Self-Esteem – Three Tips for Improving Your Self-Image

Many people wonder if there are any strategies that can be used to improve self-esteem. The great news is that there are a wide variety of different things that people can begin doing right away to dramatically improve self-esteem and their sense of identity. Here are three tactics that can be used straight away to improve self-esteem.

5 Power Tips to Gaining Self Confidence

Self confidence is a trait highly important for your success in life, regardless of your field of work. If you’re either an athlete or a politician, self confidence help you face your daily challenges and achieve more. This article will describe 5 power tips to gaining self confidence easily.

Magnetic Self-Esteem

You can tell when someone is comfortable in their own skin. It resonates from their character and in everything that persons says and does. A person with healthy self-esteem doesn’t have to boast or show-off their talents and skills, they act with modesty because they rarely feel they have anything to prove.

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Healthy Self-Esteem

There is no doubt in my mind that many men and women live their lives with very low self-esteem. They think that they are inadequate in achieving their own dreams, goals, and values; thus, they find themselves in a constant state of self-pity, disappointment, or even self-hate. The problem with this view is that it is rarely an accurate depiction of reality.

Self-Esteem and the Wonder Woman Complex

Ladies… Do you beat yourself up about not being a good enough employee, mom, wife, mother, sister or daughter? If you do than you may have the Wonder Woman Complex, where we expect ourselves to be super human and be everything to everybody at the expense of our own self-esteem and well being. Learn some tips on how to make yourself a priority and increase your self-esteem.

If You Boo a Winner, You’ve Activated His Resolve – Beware!

It seems sometimes the online mass mob can get mean spirited and parents often talk about this when their child is distraught due to an online volley of poorly chosen words by their virtual friends or ex-virtual friends. No, we cannot protect our children from everything, nor should we try, as sometimes the world is a tough place and they are going to have to get used it. There will be the occasional proverbial “bully” and various sorts of intimidation from an unruly boss, a bad teacher, TSA airport security, and well, you name it, that’s part of life I…

The Best Way To Build Self-Esteem

The best way to build your self-esteem is by knowing your identity in Christ. Once you know your true purpose and how valuable you are to your Creator, all negative thoughts and opinions slowly diminish, and you will begin to seek life from a whole new perspective.

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I’m The Prize: An Affirmation to Improve Self-Esteem

“I’m the prize” is a common affirmation in the Pick Up Artist (PUA) community, but I believe it can be applied to all kinds of relationships. “I’m the prize” is about setting expectations for yourself and the kinds of relationships you want to cultivate in your life. It’s the belief that you deserve to be treated a certain way, because you are worthy of relationships that enrich your life.

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