You Don’t Need Permission to Live Your Life

You Don't Need Permission to Live Your Life

What Is the Most Expensive Liquid?

Well, I always raise an eyebrow when someone tells me they are right and I am wrong, mostly because I am constantly challenging myself and learning new things, but also because over the years I’ve developed strong reasoning skills. Of course, this same thing most likely also happens to you when you encounter a know-it-all, and someone who seems to attempt to hold the conversation spouting out facts, figures, and trying to one-ups-man-ship you as the dominant and most intelligent in any given conversation. Okay so, let me tell you what happened to me the other day.

Misconceptions About Social Phobias – Why People Are REALLY Afraid

In this article I will explain what a social phobia is, and show you that it is more common than you realise. I will try to explain what it is that people really are afraid of, from my own experience and from my observations with clients in my private practice. Hopefully at the end of the article you will not only feel relieved knowing you are not the only one, but also you will at least be able to begin to do something about it, either by yourself or with a competent therapist.

How to Build Your Self-Esteem and Exhume Confidence in Yourself

Self-esteem is your strong feeling on how comfortable you feel about yourself. It’s that inner force on how adequate and the good or bad perception you carry on how others see you. Getting into a process of building it you recognize there is a need to work on feeling better about yourself. By doing it you will definitely be better equipped to create a better road map towards your success.

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How to Improve Self Esteem and Live a Better Life

One of the questions psychologists and counselors of all kinds find themselves having to deal with rather frequently nowadays is the question on how to improve self esteem. Majority of the people who pose this question tend to be those who have come to the conclusion that most of the unhappiness in their lives is attributable to low self esteem.

You Are Not Too Old, Just Start Something

Sometimes we put things aside in life because we think we are too old. But there are people who start new careers at 60, graduate college at 72 and get married at 80. You are not too old, just do something.

Your Self-Talk Tone Matters

How do you talk to yourself? What you say and how you say it makes a difference in your self-esteem.

Celebrating Black History Month

It is time for me and others to reflect on the African American people that came before me who look like me and whose shoulders I endeavor to stand on. These women and men who have suffered all manner of injustices in the name of survival and life so that they too could experience the same privileges that people of non-African descendants experienced every day in the early makings of America. The Africans sole purpose was to work like oxen, break their backs and provide for a master that cared little or nothing if they lived of died.

Do You Have to Examine Past Events to Overcome Low Self-Esteem?
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Do you share the common belief that you have to analyze events in your childhood in order to get better? I would like to challenge this belief. Quite often it is not necessary or even counter-productive to ‘rummage through the past’. But why is it such a popular idea?

Knowing When to Let Go of a Bad Relationship So That Yours Can Prosper

Knowing when to let go of a bad relationship is a skill that takes a lot more than just high self esteem. But when a relationship is causing you more pain then pleasure, it’s time to let it go.

Difficult Feelings: Dealing With Shame

Of all the difficult feelings we can experience, shame is perhaps the most devastating. I know for myself that nothing spirals me down into anxiety and depression faster. So how can we deal with shame in a way that gives space to the feeling while also allowing us to keep going and take action? I answer from my own experience here.

8 Ways to Increase Confidence and Self-Esteem

Having belief in oneself is critical in order to be successful in life. This assurance allows a person to pursue opportunities both academically and career-wise that will propel him or her forward so that he or she can achieve established personal goals. Eight ways to increase confidence and self-esteem should be applied in order to be the most productive in reaching personally set objectives.

How to Appreciate Your Curves

Every woman has a beautiful, sensuous curves. Yet many women don’t appreciate their curves or are even embarrassed by them. Here’s how to love your beautiful body.

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6 Attributes of a Confident Person

Self-confidence is not limited to how we present ourselves in front of people. It encompasses how we view ourselves and perceive our world, the way we treat others, and even how we deal with crises situations. Self-confidence simply means being positive in all aspects of life, even when your circumstances seem outwardly negative.

Dating Advice – Step One: How to Improve Self-Esteem

This entry is a quick guide on beginning the process of improving your self-esteem. Take a minute after reading the article to reflect on what was read and then start loving yourself!

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