You NEED To Do This If You Are Tired All The Time

You NEED To Do This If You Are Tired All The Time

The Conceit of Low Self Esteem and the Pride of Humility

If you have low self esteem, you’re probably obsessed with yourself. Which is just a backwards form of conceit.

How to Build Your Self-Esteem From Scratch

Some persons were born in an environment which fostered and developed their self esteem. They grew up in a well adjusted family which ensured that their opinions and ideas were valued.

Building Self Confidence – Is it Really That Hard?

Although many of the factors affecting self confidence are beyond our control, it is not a valid reason for you to give up, there are so many self confidence techniques out there you just need to find the ones that work for you. Recalling your past successes, unique skills, loving relationships, and positive momentum are good confidence boosting. You will be amazed at how much you have going for you and it will motivate you to take that next step towards a better you.

Writing a Love Letter to Myself

With the new year upon us and resolutions in full swing, people everywhere are determined to make this the year they find true love or finally get their finances in order! The truth is, however, until you can truly come to a place of loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are, results will ultimately always elude you because deep down you don’t feel deserving of the success you’re trying to achieve.

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Why is Good Hair So Important For Women?

In the documentary, Good Hair, produced by Chris Rock, Maya Angelou says, “Hair is a woman’s glory.” Glory, self-worth, social acceptance and beauty are all tangled up in every woman’s hair. Why is good hair so important for women?

Is Perfection is Overrated and Unhealthy? 5 Ways to Stop Chasing Perfection

Most of us, especially women, spend a lot of time and money pursuing someone else’s definition of perfection, which is overrated and unhealthy. The media gives us constant reminders of what perfection should look like.

Review of Fabulous Self Esteem

Do you want Fabulous Self Esteem? This is a review of Amy Twain’s ebook that discusses what self esteem is, how it differs from self confidence, and how to go about getting it. The article gives examples of her advice, such as dealing with criticism, saying no. It also flags up some of the flaws in Amy’s ebook, whilst overall recommending it.

The Power of Compliments

Do you know how to receive compliments in the right way? Every time you are given a compliment you have the opportunity to (1) raise your own self-esteem and (2) raise the self-esteem of the person who gave you the compliment. If you don’t know how to receive compliments in the right way you miss this special opportunity every time somebody tells you something positive.

Self-Esteem is a Habit

How did you learn to ride a bicycle? You practised. The same goes for developing a high self-esteem: You simply need practise! People with high self-esteems are not simply born under a lucky star, they make it a habit out thinking positively about themselves every day. You can do the same!

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What’s the Point of Raising Your Self-Esteem If You Already Have a High Self-Esteem?

Some people believe that if they already have a pretty high self-esteem it is pointless to try to get an even higher one. This is completely wrong! There is no limit to how high your self-esteem can be. Also, if you really want to KEEP the high level of self-esteem that you have you need to continually feed it. You wouldn’t stop to water a flower every day just because you think it looks beautiful enough already, would you?

5 Tips Your Inner Gremlin Does Not Want You to Know

Do you have a negative dialogue going on inside. It stops you from feeling good about yourself, questions your abilities? This 5 tip guide will show you how to regain control of your inner Gremlin and you will begin to feel as fabulous as you truly are.

How to Build Self Esteem – 4 Simple Tips to Build Self Confidence

These tips on how to build self esteem are simple to follow. If you take and apply them they will help you to build self confidence and in turn you will have confidence to achieve more in life and live a happier more successful life.

How to Have Social and Sexual Confidence With the Opposite Sex

Every one from time to time has felt inadequate with the opposite sex – even Giovanni Casanova must have had his off days – but many people let this inadequacy ruin their lives. For example say a chap liked this pretty girl that worked in the same building as him, but every time he saw her he would have to hide because he did not want her to see him blush, stammer and sweat profusely.

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How to Overcome Shyness Quickly

Shyness is a feeling that arises out of lack of confidence, and self esteem. It is a common feeling for many people around the globe. Shyness results when you are extremely conscious about yourself and think about yourself in a negative way. You are unable to identify your strengths and are miserable about your weaknesses instead. You are shy when you evaluate yourself and the things that you do unnecessarily.

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