You’re Not Meant to Do What You Love

You’re Not Meant to Do What You Love

How To Manage Self Doubt When You Feel Like A Fake

Put up your hand if you ever feel like a fraud. A fake? A phony? A pretender? Me too. Even in the middle of some (relative) success, I have often felt not ‘something’ enough. Not smart enough. Qualified enough. Experienced enough. Lean enough. Young enough. Old enough. Funny enough. Academic enough.

My Self Worth

How often do you find yourself questioning your talents, abilities, and your overall self worth? How often do you forgo a thought or an idea because of low self respect or confidence?

TLC Can Help to Improve Self-Esteem

It is vital to make the time to do nice things for ourselves, especially if you happen to be someone who devotes much of your time to the care of others. If you are one of these people then you are well aware of just how easy it is to neglect ourselves which all too often results in being stressed, run down and exhausted.

3 Signs You Are Not Confident Enough

Being confident is so important if you want to succeed at anything in life. The following are three signs that you may not be confident enough.

What Does It Mean to Be Confident and Can You Fake It?

Feeling confident means many things to different people. Some people may feel that they lack confidence when engaged in personal interaction at a party or social event. For others it is having the self belief to ask the boss for a raise. In other cases it might just be the ability to go outside their own front door, or take a walk to the shops. Whatever the background to these concepts, the unifying theme is that a person is suffering because their own mind is holding them back.

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Self-Esteem is a Feeling

You can raise your self-esteem by changing your thoughts about yourself using affirmations and other brainwashing techniques. However, self-esteem is a feeling, not a thought, and it is eventually your feeling about yourself that needs to be changed.

Believing in Yourself: 8 Tips to Build a Stronger Self-Esteem

Many people believe that in order to achieve their career or life goals all they have to do is believe in themselves and by doing that, they will go far in life. I completely agree with this. The important question here is how can you develop that strong ability in moments like this when you can’t find jobs as easy as you used to or when your personal and social relationships are not where you want them to be and you feel responsible for those failures?

Practical and Effective Confidence Tips That You Should Try Out

Having self confidence enables you to manage your fears, confront and overcome challenges and difficulties and maintain a positive attitude in your life. Goals you set yourself are more likely to be achieved when you possess a high level of self-confidence. Learn the formula to a happy, healthy and success filled life with proven and simple confidence tips.

Here’s How You Can Allow Your Own Light To Shine

Recently a little something fascinating occurred to me. I crafted a present for somebody, and they totally adored it. As they commented on it and praised it, they questioned me about the time it took me to create. I shrugged and replied, “Only a couple of hours” – while in truth I actually spent over thirty hours working away at it. I put my heart and soul in it. Exactly why then, would I diminish this? Exactly why did I really feel the necessity to fib regarding how much hard work I’d invested in that present?

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The Art of Being Without Doing

Self-esteem is about feeling good enough for who you are rather than what you do. (Self-confidence on the other hand is about feeling competent, i.e. feeling sure of yourself that you can successfully accomplish tasks.) Feeling valuable without doing anything can be a great challenge because we are so used to doing.

Finding Confidence In Yourself

There can be times in life where we feel like we are not up to the challenge, lost, or in need. We tend to look elsewhere for comfort, acceptance, and for our desires to be met. However, underneath it all we are really looking to ourselves for self-acceptance so that we can fully see our potential. Do you believe you can do anything, that you are worthy of everything, and that you can be everything you want to be?

5 Steps to a Greater Self-Esteem

The growth and development of an optimistic self-concept, or healthy and balanced self-esteem, performs a significant purpose in your life achievements and also contentment. Self-esteem is quite obviously the way we feel about our own selves and also our own conduct naturally demonstrates these inner thoughts. The way in which we all speak about ourselves is extremely important in all the things we do.

Social Networks: Are They Destroying Our Interpersonal Skills?

55.6 million adults in the United States alone have social networking accounts with sites like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. We use them for business, to make friends and even to find love. But could social networking be destroying our interpersonal skills?

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Becoming Enough

How often do you feel enough? Slim enough, successful enough, loved enough, smart enough, worthy enough, accepted enough…just enough. I’m not talking about intellectually embracing the value of loving yourself unconditionally, but feeling I AM ENOUGH in every cell of your body?

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