You’re Not Too Tired To Create. You’re Too Distracted.

You're Not Too Tired To Create. You're Too Distracted.

5 Tips to Stop Mumbling and Start Speaking More Clearly

Do people ever accuse you of always mumbling rather than speaking clearly? Sometimes we mumble because we’re secretly ashamed of what we’re about to say but other times it can just be our habits playing along with us. Check out these easy tips to help you stop mumbling.

Begin Boosting Your Confidence Today – Eight Easy But Powerful Steps

Confidence is more than believing in yourself. It is knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you can accomplish what you want to achieve. When you lack confidence — you seldom feel in control of situations and you don’t trust what you know or what you’re feeling.

Are Your Feelings Too Strong?

Do you ever have strong emotions that you can’t handle? Do you feel distressed about how to handle them? In this article I offer four great tips for you to try.

Symptoms of a Low Self Esteem

We all have at some stage of our lives found ourselves in a place that we would rather not be. It creates a feeling of low self esteem and it can be sometimes very difficult to know how to get out of it. This can be caused by many different events or experiences that make us begin to feel this way, whether we like it or not and can be a harsh part of life.

3 Tips to Improve Your Self Esteem in a Flash
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Your self esteem is important but it’s also easily damaged, which means that you need to look for ways to improve your self esteem whenever you can. Here are three easy to implement methods that really do work.

Have Jewels in the Crown of Your Life?

Want more gems in your life? Priceless value is just around the corner if you attract what you are – find out how in this…

Unbreakable Self Esteem – Discover the Perfect You

There is a difference between made up of your thoughts and your thoughts not being made up of you. Positive affirmations must be turned into beliefs for them to be effective. Once you convert your affirmations to beliefs results start happening.

5 Tips For Overcoming Shyness

Shyness can be really awkward. It can stop you from doing things in life that you’d really enjoy if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re clammed up in your self protective shell. So what can you do to overcome shyness?

Attract Your Ideal Body With Sensuality and Dance

Your ideal body needs sensuality. You need to feel, imagine and get to know your “ideal self” in a physically satisfying body, so moving towards your goal becomes a pleasurable experience.

5 Tips to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Unfortunately, so many people today have a low self-esteem. This can be due to so many factors such as the unrealistic and negative messages we get from the media or may have received from our childhood.

How to Improve Your Self Image

Your self image is the impression that you hold of yourself. Just as you form opinions and ideas about other people who you see in public or are friends with, you see yourself and pass the same kinds of judgments.

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A Journey to Self Worth

Any journey has to start at the beginning and if this is a new journey for you, one that you have never or seldom experienced before, then you have to make it an exciting and eventful one. A journey to self worth is a new beginning, you must throw away the shackles of the past and begin to feel worthy and receive all the good things that are likely to enter your life from now on.

Feeling Worthwhile?

Do you feel worthwhile? Do you ever look to others to complement you in order to feel worthwhile? In this article, I offer a few tips on how you can pick yourself up if you are feeling low or if you fail.

Talking the Talk

Did you know the first 30 seconds of a conversation will determine the next hour of conversation. What is the first thing you say to folks; after the ‘what’s up’ and all that? Do you encourage folks or do they feel discouraged after they talk to you? Do you compliment people you talk to?

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